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Your future looks bright.

Members of the CCA team come to work enthusiastic about the challenges that lay ahead, secure in the knowledge that they have the resources and experience to overcome anything.

CCA is always looking for smart, hardworking people that fit well into the company culture. Our employees have the autonomy to feel personally invested in the success of their projects, and the support necessary to enable them to succeed. If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch so we can see if you’re a good fit.

“It’s great to work for a company that allows me to learn and tackle obstacles on my own, but also has a great group of skilled professionals to turn to when questions are asked!”

Jason JFifth Term Apprentice

“CCA has been amazing for my progression in my electrical career. Everyday I am being challenged and learning new skills, all while getting the opportunity to work with a growing company, and great group of people.”

Gaetano LThird Term Apprentice

“Working for CCA has been an incredible place to learn a wide range of electrical skills. Working with their industry leading systems has allowed me to ensure that my skills are at the top of my game.”

Mackenzie SFourth Term Apprentice

“Working at CCA as a Controls Engineering Co-op student has been a rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. I am proud to be a part of a dynamic, supportive and a super fun team, each of whom shared their expertise and immense knowledge of the automation industry. The extraordinary leadership of each team member is the strength of the organization.”

Yashashvi TFourth Year Mechatronics Engineering Student, Co-op

“Joining CCA has given me the chance to take on exciting challenges as a PM. I get a lot of support to grow my skills and get involved with projects for different parts of the business, from engineering to manufacturing, field installation and service. It’s interesting to see how these different types of projects come together and learning how to adapt to them is rewarding. I get to work with a lot of great people who are truly excellent at what they do. I really enjoy that there’s a culture built here around a can-do spirit to get things done no matter what obstacles come up. It’s something that I think sets CCA apart.”

Adam EProject Manager

“Being a Site Supervisor with CCA has been amazing. They have given me the tools, resources, and training to be able to effectively lead our crews to ensure efficiency and safety every day. CCA believed in me at a young age and gave me opportunities that have allowed me to develop as both an individual contributor, and more importantly; a leader.”

Jason DSite Foreman

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